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American Agri-Women works in areas of legislation, regulations, consumer relations, promotion, and education. We are consumers as well as producers and have a unique point of view to offer.

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The Annual KAW State Convention/Meeting will be held in Topeka on Saturday, April 12th.   

RSVP at or email: or call (206)338-6466

***Thanks to everyone who attended the 2011 American Agriwomen Convention***


Kansas Agri-Women is very excited to have hosted the 2011 American Agri-Women National Convention!  "Ag Women Nationwide Came to Wichita to learn, share, & energize"


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Photos Below were taken at the Topeka Hy-Vee.  This Grocery Store Project allowed members of Kansas Agri-Women the opportunity to stand in the entrance to the grocery store, passing out re-usable American Grown Goodness Grocery Sacks, Loaves of Bread and literature regarding agriculture.  This project was very well received by the Topeka Community, Grocery Patrons and the Store Employees. Please ask Abby Dechant or Wanda Kinney for more information about the project. The Project was featured in the Fall 2009 Newsletter

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