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American Agri-Women is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with more than 50 state, commodity and agribusiness affiliate organizations, united to communicate with one another and with other consumers to promote agriculture. AAW members have been advocating for agriculture since 1974.

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New Interactive Online Sessions Help Women in Ag Cope with Stress

A new interactive online series is setting out to help women in agriculture cultivate resiliency by focusing on what they can control in these challenging times and help connect to them with resources and information that can help them weather stress. Raising awareness of farm stress is important, but offering some tools to help weather the stress is critical. This project has brought together American Agri-Women, District 11 Agri-Women, University of Minnesota Extension- Women in Ag Network and the Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center (UMASH) to work on this effort. Funding is provided by a UMASH grant.

Series one will consist of six interactive sessions that will be up to 90 minutes in length and will include a topic for discussion (approximately 40- 45 minutes) and then an interactive Q & A period for the remaining time. Sessions are FREE and you may sign up using the Links on our Webinars Page. If you cannot make the sessions, all sessions will be recorded and posted on the American Agri-Women website.


American Agri-women #StandUpSpeakOut4Ag every day on issues that are important to not only them, but to the Nation

May and June brought attention to the Beef and Dairy industries and in July we are recognizing the next generation — The Future of Ag. Families, organizations, and even schools are all taking part in shaping the up and coming set of leaders to keep food, fuel, fiber, and energy products in the forefront. The US is fortunate to have local, state, and national impacts in helping young adults realize their value in their communities. As American citizens, they are learning that the choices they make today affect everyone’s tomorrow.

AAW is finding opportunities to engage students in the classroom, through leadership training, scholarships, and organizational involvement so when they step out into the world to make their path, they can do so with a little more confidence and familiarity with the situations we are currently facing in agriculture. AAW encourages you to look into and support youth advancement in agriculture and their programs. AAW wants the next generation of agriculture leaders to be able to stand up and speak out for agriculture along with us, whether it be on a county board or in Washington, DC. The future of ag looks bright!


AAW is proud to be an ongoing, positive voice for agriculture

Digital and print media sources are key ways that AAW can bring awareness to the organization and get others involved.

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AAW has partnered with Nepris

AAW has partnered with Nepris, to connect industry professionals with K-16 classrooms, so that students see the relevance of what they are learning in school. Nepris connects educators with a vast network of industry professionals to engage students in their learning, expose them to diverse career role models, and prepare them for their future.

Bridging the Gap
AAW Members can offer an “Industry Chat” on a topic of their choosing from their desktop to classrooms around the region. Multiple classrooms can listen in and ask questions.Professionals can view and respond to teacher requests for a speaker on a specific topic. Under this scenario, the industry professional will virtually speak about the topic requested by the teacher with one classroom at a time chosen by the teacher.Getting on Board

There are benefits to both AAW and teachers beyond the convenience of virtually connecting with classrooms. Through the Nepris platform, AAW members can help build their industry brand, eliminate travel or logistical costs incurred from visiting schools, and the platform allows them to find speakers for their classroom that would have been unlikely to travel to speak to a class. In a time of increased focus on testing and accountability, virtual guest speakers provide schools with the ability to provide real-world connections without disrupting learning in other classes. All classrooms benefit from the expert perspective and real-world experience that industry professionals bring to the classroom. The possibilities are endless.

Signing up for Nepris is easy:

1) Go to

2) Sign up for a free account

3) Browse the platform and set up an industry chat

Virtual Summer Camp… Career Exploration Begins on Monday June 15, 2020!

Seven weekly virtual summer camps for Elementary, Middle, and High School students to explore career pathways across a variety of industries. Campers will engage directly with real-world professionals to spark their interest in future career endeavors!

Campers choose from STEM Week, the Arts, Life Skills, Cool Careers, and more for daily, virtual experiences with industry professionals to learn about their cool jobs. Purchase a weekly camp pass based on grade level and area of interest.

Register Today! Use to get 50% off summer camps: AAW50 if you do not wish to create an AAW account. AAW VP of Communications will be doing sessions on July 6th and 8th. These and previous sessions have been recorded and can be accessed by searching her name. Any questions please reach out with any questions to

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