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American Agri-Women is the nation’s largest coalition of farm, ranch and agribusiness women with more than 50 state, commodity and agribusiness affiliate organizations, united to communicate with one another and with other consumers to promote agriculture. AAW members... advocating for agriculture since 1974.

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 Message from the President
Daily Dose of Hope

Hope is what drives perseverance and leads to innovation.  Hope keeps us investing in our local communities and in something bigger than ourselves.  And I contend it is a precious element, much like a rare metal, that has reciprocal properties.  Similar to gratitude.  When we give thanks, we receive more blessings.  When we share hope, it finds a way of coming back to us through unexpected sources.
In the midst of planning and hosting the “A Secure Food Supply Equals National Security” webinar; of having interviews with the Chicago Tribune, National Public RadioNorth American Ag; of scheduling visits with potential sponsors and collaborative partners; of convening our AAW Farm Bill Task Force to continue work on crystalizing our vision for a 2023 Farm Bill; of drafting comments then circulating to the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs about the WHO CA+ Zero Draft; of commenting in favor of Congress passing a bill to allow the use of fire retardants in fighting forest fires without acquiring permits; booking a Skyhouse location for Monday 6/5 lunch at AAW Fly-In; of working with fellow officers on some exciting projects like the Deck of Cards, the RFD Television studio tour, and a training on how to get our message out to more decision-makers; and a whole lot of other things, Hope found me in three locations outside of our home…
A 4-H member who fought against her own anxiety and sought permission from her Tae Kwon Do master to share forms and self defense tips (using me as her test subject) at a local meeting of women.  She is a beekeeper and junior 4-H leader with both a warrior’s and a servant’s heart.  Hope welled up to see her rise to the occasion and be such an effective trainer and interactive teacher with the group. Hope snuck up on me again at the professional development event hosted by Illinois Agri-Women.  They asked me to deliver the training portion of the program (Light it Up!), which was an honor.  The bonus dose of hope came from visiting with a number of collegiate

 women studying agriculture who were assisting with the Women Changing the Face of Agriculture event.  And Hope abounded as I visited with two state FFA officers, who I’d “trained” last August in an animal ethics session, about conversations they had been leading with their peers on Illinois state FFA policies.  Their maturity and insight showed wisdom beyond most people’s years. The event itself was invigorating to get to see many friends from IAW as well as renew friendship with AAW past president Trenna Grabowski’s daughter, Liz Rodgers, who is now working in Michigan.

And the third revealing of Hope came as we group of five judges, out of more than 100 volunteers at the District FFA proficiency and Star awards contest, interviewed five candidates in swine entrepreneurship.  Each one unique and accomplished in different ways.  But one candidate not only had impressive technical knowledge as a high school senior, he lit up when asked about a volunteer activity he’d listed on his application.  He assists with financial literacy and tutoring for at risk students at an after school teen center in his community.  In addition to managing his enterprise and growing his knowledge plus his own extracurricular activities, he was most excited about helping others.

Here’s to Hope finding you in unexpected ways in the coming weeks!


Heather Hampton+Knodle
American Agri-Women President



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Each year in November, American Agri-Women hosts a National Convention to bring members and affiliate members together for leadership and professional development sessions, speakers, and to host our annual business meeting. 


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