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About American Agri-Women and Agricultural Education

American Agri-Women promotes the welfare of our national security through a safe and reliable food, fiber and energy supply. For more than 48 years, AAW members have worked together to educate consumers; advocate for agriculture; and offer networking and professional development opportunities. Go to the AAW web site for more information and to join, www.americanagriwomen.org. Find AAW on social media at: Facebook.com/AgriWomen/ and Twitter.com/Women4Ag/ (@Women4Ag). AAW also hosts the “Women4Ag” Facebook page.


American Agri-Women – Decks of playing cards with 50 agriculture facts from across the United States.

Ordering 1-24 $6.00 a deck plus flat rate shipping $10.00

Ordering 25-50 $5.50 a deck plus a flat rate shipping $15.00

Ordering 51+ $5.00 a deck with free shipping

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We are a force for truth, a reasoned, non-partisan voice for the agricultural community to the public.