AAW Foundation

AAW Foundation • 6504 N. Chisholm Pointe St. • Park City, KS 67219-2339

Our purpose is to receive and administer funds for promoting and developing educational and leadership programs and opportunities relevant to agriculture.   Our overall objective of this organization shall be educational.

 Other objectives include:AAW_foundation_logo_final

  • To raise funds to support education about agriculture, agricultural education and leadership development.
  • To promote leadership of American Agri-Women through scholarships, grants, projects and training.
  • To serve as a partner with American Agri-Women in the development of educational and leadership programs and materials.

We have nine members from across the United States. The terms are three years and there is a 2 term limit.

• Lesley Schmidt
• Jenny Stelmach
• Melody Speer
• Pam Townsend
• Deb Whalen
• Kimberly Schmuhl
• Merlynn Verstuyft
• Pat Yeagle

Scholarship Applications

AAW Gail McPherson FlyIn Scholarship Application
AAW Trenna Grabowski Legacy Kids Fly In Scholarship Application
AAW Helen Whitmore Memorial Convention Scholarship Application
AAW Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships Application

American Agri-Women 2018 Scholarship Winners

The American Agri-Women Foundation wishes to announce the winners of their Academic Scholarships for 2018.
• The winner of the Jean Ibendahl Scholarship is Allie Christina Poole, of Kentucky.
• The winner of the Saint Thomas More Bertels Scholar is Tera Koebel Baker, from Michigan.
The foundation had 83 applications for the scholarships and would like to thank all who applied.


Would you like to contribute?

The AAW Foundation is funded by donations. If you would like to make a donation please use this form and send it to:

AAW Foundation
6504 N. Chisholm Pointe St.
Park City, KS 67219-2339

If you have questions please email foundation@americanagriwomen.org.

We are a force for truth, a reasoned, non-partisan voice for the agricultural community to the public.