One focus of American Agri-Women Foundation is education both of young people and of AAW members.  To this end the Foundation gives academic scholarships and first-time attendee event scholarships.  We encourage you to apply for the scholarships for which you are eligible.

American Agri-Women Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarships

• Jean Ibendahl Scholarship (for ages 18-23)
• Sister Thomas More Bertels Scholarship (for ages 24+)

Daughters of American Agriculture Scholarship was created to honor the memory of those courageous and adventuresome pioneer women who played such an important role in the founding of this nation and encourage the present generation to continue their education in agricultural pursuits. These two scholarships ($1,000 each) are available to any farm, ranch or agribusiness woman or her daughter to pursue accredited courses in agriculture leadership, communications, rural sociology, medicine, or any other courses directly related to agriculture. Applications will be taken beginning January 1 of each year and need to be postmarked on March 1st. Applications will not be accepted after March 1st. Application Deadline is March 1st.

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American Agri-Women Gail McPherson Fly-In Scholarship

This scholarship was named to honor Gail McPherson of Pennsylvania. Gail was a founding mother of AAW and a past president of the Foundation. She was proficient in parliamentary procedure; she was chair of the bylaws committee and author of many pertinent resolutions. Gail was instrumental in the creation of the first AAW Fly-In. Application Deadline is May 1st.

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American Agri-Women Legacy Kids Fly-In Scholarships

• Trenna Grabowski Legacy Kids Fly-In Scholarship – Two kids between 8-18 years of age

Will award $200 towards expenses for the AAW Washington D.C. Fly-In. Eligibility requirement is to be a Legacy Kid member of AAW. Legacy Kids memberships are available for AAW members to purchase as gifts to children/young people from birth through age eighteen. It was Trenna’s idea through the AAW Foundation to launch a program to provide a vehicle for AAW members to share their enthusiasm and support agriculture and AAW with young people, while encouraging the ultimate entry of second and third generation individuals into AAW.

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American Agri-Women Helen Whitmore Memorial Convention Scholarship

This scholarship was named to honor Helen Whitmore, a well-respected rancher and teacher from California. It was initiated in 1993 by a friend and AAW Past President, Mitzi Ayala Perdue. It was established to increase active involvement in AAW and to encourage members to influence their home affiliate members. Application Deadline is August 15th.

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Congratulations to our Scholarship Winners!

Daughters of American Agriculture 2023 Scholarships:

Helen Whitmore Memorial 2022 Convention Scholarships:
Ashly Ann LemHouse, Oregon
Kelby Riley, Texas
Jami Willard, New York
Keila Schilling, Texas

Gail McPherson Fly-In 2022 Scholarship:
Kathy Goodyke, Minnesota
Cheryl Lambert, California
Debbie Bacigalupi, Nevada

Daughters of American Agriculture 2022 Scholarships:
High School – Deidra Meyer, Wisconsin
Continuing Education – Kestlyn Willert, South Dakota




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